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LGBTQ+ Healthcare Directory

LGBTQ+ patients deserve healthcare providers who they can be open and honest with—free from fear of stigma or bias.

Care + Connection for the LGBTQ+ Community


LGBTQ+ people often face stigma and bias in healthcare experiences, resulting in delayed care and negative health outcomes. GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality and the Tegan and Sara Foundation came together to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to find and connect with trusted, healthcare providers.

They sought Wide Eye as a creative partner to lead a strategic branding process and to create a new digital directory of LGBTQ+-friendly healthcare professionals that feels authentic, safe, and makes connecting to a trusted healthcare professional simple and direct. The end goal is a tool that is informed directly by input from the LGBTQ+ community, is authentic without being too “clinical”, and is a safe, friendly and effective user experience.

The Challenge

Success hinged on two main needs being met. The tool itself needed to be fast, user-friendly and accessible, and the directory built upon a robust network of providers. To ensure audience engagement, the brand and name needed to reflect the LGBTQ+ community authentically – avoiding some of the more common “clinical” pitfalls of healthcare industry design – and ensure a feeling of credibility and safety – avoiding the frustrating experience that often accompanies finding a healthcare provider.

The Solution

To realize this vision of a safe and accessible healthcare experience, Wide Eye designed and built  the LGBTQ+ Healthcare Directory with emotional resonance and practical connection in mind. The creative process centered the LGBTQ+ community perspective at critical stages of the work for testing and clarity. The visual branding reinforced positive interactions, crossed paths and connection. The design and user experience was intentionally crafted for comfort, speed, and ease of use as a guiding principle, for both providers and potential patients. Inclusive language invited engagement and the design intentionally told a story of connection and community.

The Impact

The directory has had over 5,500 provider profile referrals and a 9% conversion rate to over 2100+ providers.

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