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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Reinventing the Political Website

As the crucial centerpiece of the Democratic party's successful fundraising operation, it was incredibly important for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to stay a step ahead and overhaul its online presence for the first time in over five years. We collaborated with DCCC Digital Director Brandon English and his great team to provide a much needed upgrade and, in the process, to reinvent many things about the modern political website. Looks can be deceiving - behind the elegant simplicity of our design, there is an unprecedented level of dynamism happening under the hood.

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More than meets the eye: Introducing the "single-input form"

Since the Obama campaign in 2008, the traditional email sign up form has consisted of a field for your first name, last name, email address, zip and a big button. Clicking that big button submits the information to an email database. Simple, right? How about simpler?

In an effort to increase conversion rates, we reduced the sign up form to seemingly a single field. Upon submitting your email address, the information stores in a database (in this case, Blue State Digital's advocacy toolset) and then animates to the next ask: name. Next ask: zip code. Next ask: are you registered to vote? Next ask: please donate. The data is stored at each click forward and remembers what you've filled out for every future form or page you visit related to the DCCC.

The result is an increase in sign ups, an increase in engagement, a smarter website and a new standard in efficient design.

Unprecedented customization

With the level of control provided through our custom Wordpress build, the DCCC can now easily control the flow of each "single input sign up form", set messages based on the answers to questions on those forms, change the color of buttons, change the layout of the home page and even set different splash pages based on the location of the visitor.

The DCCC is now powerfully independent in their web presence; able to be more nimble and responsive to the ever-changing demands of a fast-paced digital world.